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DSHUSD - DASH vs US Dollar

Current value in real time on the crypto market for investing

Swap short: -20 %Swap long: -20 %
Low: 42.80Spreadi MT5 floatingHigh: 43.22
Globaalit sessioajat osakevaihtoihin
0.19 (Local)
Opens in 9h 31m
23.19 (Local)
Opens in 9h 41m
15.19 (Local)
Opens in 16h 41m
New York
10.19 (Local)
Opens in 23h 11m

DSHUSD Trading Chart

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MT4 MultiTerminal sallii asiakkaiden hallita monta MT4-tiliÀ, yhdestÀ terminaalista tuen kanssa, erilaisiin treidin kokoon kohdistettuihin metodeihin.
Mt5-orderin toimeenpano
Market toimeenpano
Market toimeenpano
EdgeFloating spreadit
Minimi: 56.00Keskitaso: 67.67
Market Hours*Open Now
Market Hours*Open Now
Limit ja Stop-taso75
1 tick arvo0.01
Minimisopimuskoko0.01 lot
1:n erÀn koko1 DSH
1 PIP-arvo per 1 erÀ USD:ssa0.01 USD
VÀhimmÀisaskel sopimuskoon nostamiseen0.01 lot
Marginaalivaatimukset avata uusi positio*0
ToimeenpanotyyliMarket (irrelevant of platform or Account type)

Vain jos marginaalitaso <100%

<p>Spreadit ovat heijastuksia aika-painotetusta keskiarvosta 09:00 - 21:00 (GMT) 01/04/2020 - 30/06/2020. Vaikka FxPro yrittÀÀ tarjota kilpailukykyisiÀ tuottoja kaikilla treidaustunneilla, asiakkaiden tulisi huomata, ettÀ nÀmÀ voivat vaihdella ja ovat alttiita markkinaolosuhteille. EdellÀ mainittu on tarkoitettu vain ohjeellisiin tarkoituksiin. Asiakkaita kehotetaan tarkistamaan tÀrkeÀt uutiset talouskalenteristamme, mikÀ voi johtaa spreadien laajentumiseen muun muassa. </p> <p> NZDUSD, AUDUSD-spreadit voivat vaihdella ilmoitetun maksimimÀÀrÀn yli joka keskiviikko, 08:00 - 11:00 (GMT). </p> Dynaaminen vipuvaikutus koskee MT4, MT5 ja cTrader. LisÀtietoja on osoitteessa <a href='/leverage-information'> </a>

EdellÀ mainitut erot ovat sovellettavissa normaaleissa valuuttakaupan olosuhteissa. FxPro: lla on oikeus muuttaa edellÀ mainittuja eroja markkinaehtojen mukaisesti.


Dash appeared relatively earlier than other popular cryptocurrencies. Its unique two-tier architecture was created in 2014 based on the ready-made Bitcoin code. Two years later, the Dash cryptocurrency and payment system itself gained popularity across dozens of countries, managing to attract both institutional and private investors.

Anyone who wants to pay with these coins for goods and services or make transfers can do so anonymously and instantly. Users have become so fond of Dash that hundreds of well-known online stores from different countries have begun to accept it.

Bitcoin's source code didn't stop creators from developing significant differences and gaining fans among the users. First of all, the system can be updated at any time and continue to be technically perfect without too much difficulty.

Also, all transactions are truly anonymous. That means no traces of transfers remain on the network as if you arrived at the place and paid for the purchase in cash. This is not available to Bitcoin users since their transactions are published on the blockchain, where they become available to everyone.

In addition, Dash is characterised by stability, protection against hacking, and the size of commissions tending to be close to zero.

It is believed that the rate of the DASH cryptocurrency does not depend on the economic situation in the world, and it can be transferred to any other traditional or digital currency at the internal rate.